Looking for a Mini 6.50,
but new ones are crazy expensive and
the used ones are in terrible condition?

Today a NEW Wevo 6.50, ready to sail, with full sails and rigging can be yours for an INCREDIBLE PRICE.
40-HOUR Setup with a professional skipper included.

Aren't you tired of waiting for someone to board you or sitting on land and watching others sail?

Imagine you have your own boat and start training with your first outings
where you get familiar with your boat...

  • A boatyard fresh Mini 6.50. Ready to sail with full sails and top deck equipment.
  • An Italian boatyard that succeeds in treating each of its customers as if they were the only one, thanks to its small numbers.
  • A 40-hour course with one of Italy's top Mini skippers to trim your boat and give you all the tips you need to tackle your first regattas.
Order your Wevo 6.5 now

An all-new Mini ready to sail for the price of a good used one

This is why the Wevo 6.5 by Cima Boats will make your sailing life better!

An all-new Mini 6.50: ready and all for you

The same project that in 2021 was #1 in the Italian ranking and #1 in the Italian Championship.
The Mini that, with Matteo Sericano at the helm, won the Italian GP in 2020 and 2021 and the Archipelago 6.50 in 2021 and 2022.

OK, we know what you're thinking, "...but 1011 is a Proto and for me it's even too much, I have to start racing in Series...".
Actually, Matteo's Mini is a series boat, entered in the Proto only at the specific request of Matteo Sericano in the Mini 6.50 Class.

However, think about the other aspect that you can read from Matteo Sericano's results: a boat that manages to come first in the Proto class, what it can do racing with other series Mini's and how much satisfaction it could give you...

Order your Wevo 6.5 now

An all-new Mini ready to sail for the price of a good used one

Choose a boatyard near you that follows you step by step from day one!
Can you imagine the difference between being just one of our customers and one of our skippers?

We talk to Mini owners every day, we know what it means to order a new Mini today.

Yet this time you can make your dream come true with only a two-month wait for delivery.

A unique chance as there are only two boats like this!

For the construction of the last two Wevo 6.5s to obtain Series tonnage, the Cima Boats shipyard is offering you the WEVO Last Call initiative.

Below is what you get with one of the two Wevo 6.5s in the Wevo Last Call offer:

  • A Mini Wevo 6.5 built according to the rules of the MINI SERIES CLASS.
  • Moulded hull with outer layer/3dcore/inner layer in isophthalic-neopentilic polyester resin.
  • Deck moulded with outer layer/3dcore pvc/inner layer in isophthalic-neopentilic polyester resin.
  • New cast iron keel laminated externally in GRP, plus new lead bulb, redesigned in geometry and weight distribution. The Wevo's first keel weighed 225 kg, the current one 90 kg; the bulb used to date weighed 230 kg and the current one 300 kg. This means a boat that is 65 kg lighter (about 6 per cent of the total) and with a further improved displacement/ballast ratio. Ah, before you ask: so as not to create problems for the series, the other 9 Wevo 6.5s are also being upgraded so that they are all identical boats.
  • Rudders, with new pintles and gudgeons, redesigned and CNC milled from aisi 316 steel billet.
  • New 90 mm longer mast, boom repositioned 90 mm lower. The new design of the immersed appendages has allowed us to make the boat more sailable and therefore more powerful. You have more 'horsepower' at your disposal and your performance grows accordingly.
  • Standard equipment also includes improved bowsprit, outrigger, forestay and rigging. The attachment of the D1 diagonal shrouds has been modified and taken to the deckhouse to close in more on the headsail and further improve the upwind angle.
  • Deck equipment also includes 3 winches, 5 halyard stoppers plus 2 spi boom stoppers and 2 more stoppers for the staysail. And then rings, blocks, etc.
  • Sails to start going out right away with: solent, mainsail and tails 5.
  • All the on-board rigging, halyards, sheets, booms and rigging in general supplied by ARMARE Ropes, one of Italy's best-known and most successful manufacturers.
  • The electrical system already installed, with switchboard, masthead and interior lights included.
  • Stickers for the number on the hull and the number on the spray-painted deck.
  • Hull already prepared with hard matrix antifouling or self-polishing, if preferred.

Let yourself be pampered by the shipyard and be treated like a top skipper!

Order your Wevo 6.5 now

An all-new Mini ready to sail for the price of a good used one


We at Cima Boats are still a small company that treats you as if you were the spearhead of our team.

Unlike the big boatyards that reserve their attention for the most successful skippers and for whom you are just one of many customers, we have every interest in having you grow with us!

That is why we are always available to respond to your needs and doubts. Even on the phone, ready to give you advice and suggest solutions to solve all your needs. With the undoubted advantage of being close to home: our headquarters is in Tuscany, in Grosseto, just two hours from Florence and one and half from Pisa airport.

Harshless launch and set up!

Launch in Marina di Grosseto or Castiglione della Pescaia, your choice: the offer already includes transport and preparation, including mast and keel assembly and launch. If, on the other hand, you wish to launch in another port, there is no problem: we can provide the transport service at an exceptional price.

To make sure you don't miss out on anything, we offer you, already included in the sale price, the essential rigging work to have the rigging perfectly adapted to your boat, an undertaking that a renowned professional would value at least € 2,000.

With the WEVO LAST CALL initiative, the Wevo 6.5 is yours instead of €68,800, at the incredible price of €49,900!!!

This is because we want to make the Wevo 6.5 standard and we need the last two to be built.
Hurry up, there are only two boats and the offer is only valid until 31 December 2022

Order your Wevo 6.5 now

An all-new Mini ready to sail for the price of a good used one

For orders placed before 31 December 2022, the benefits continue

The purchase price includes

A top skipper of your choice available for 40 hours to trim your boat

An essential 5-day training course with an experienced skipper. For 40 hours he will give you all the tips for setting up your Wevo 6.5 and you can use his expertise to gain a wealth of experience in solo and Mini 6.50 racing.

You choose who you want to help you get better and better. You can point to one of the most important skippers in the recent history of Italian sailing such as, for example, Andrea Caracci (4 completed Mini Transats) or Francesco Renella (one MiniTransat to his credit) or many others. This bonus alone is worth € 2500.

A complete check-up of the boat after setup

To give you the Mini perfectly set up and ready for your first regattas with the best chance of doing well, a check-up of the boat will be carried out at the end of the 5-day course for possible settings and repairs.

The price will go up and so will the value of your boat

This offer also has another pro: when the Wevo 6.5 comes standard, the selling prices will be quite different, which means that not only will it cost more to buy a boat like yours, but this will also drive up the price of second-hand boats, increasing the value of your boat.

10-year warranty

To ensure your peace of mind at all times without having to worry about the health of your boat, we offer not one, not two, not three, but 10 years of warranty so that you can rest assured that your boat will retain its value and perfect condition for a long time. Service available throughout Europe.

The Wevo Last Call offer includes:

  • Hull built with vacuum infusion, ready to sail - 44,850€
  • Deck equipment with blocks, winches and stoppers - 4,750€
  • A Electrical system - 1,500€
  • Three sails: mainsail, solent and code 5 - 6,700€
  • Hull and deck number stickers - 700€
  • Antifouling treatment - 1,100€
  • Rigging kit Armare Ropes : 5 halyards, jib sheets, spi sheets and booms, mainsail sheet, high and low flyers and various other ropes - 2.350€
  • Shipyard-launch transport - 800 €
  • Launching, keel mounting and masting - 1,550€
  • Rigging - 2,000€
  • 5-day starter course with experienced skipper - 2,500€

For orders by 31 December 2022 it can be yours for 49,900€!!!

Order your Wevo 6.5 now

An all-new Mini ready to sail for the price of a good used one

*All the prices are displayed excluding taxes

Call now, send a Whatsapp message to +39 329 6636999,
or send an e-mail to info@cimaboats.com and start marking your calendar now:
«-60 days to the launch of my Mini».

The alternative is to wait for someone to take you aboard their Mini, waiting to find the same old -and tired- boat at an even higher price.

Or you can always stay ashore and watch other Mini racing...

Here is what people who have already taken the Wevo 6.5 think

Matthieu Faivre - Skipper 983 - INNOVAFEED

Matthieu Faivre

Skipper 983 - INNOVAFEED

I bought a Wevo 6.5 because it is very good value for money and it is readily available, without absurd delays in supplies. The design is an interesting middle ground between a P3 and a maxi, it is more comfortable and sturdy than other boats and offers interesting performance.

Elisabetta Maffei

Skipper 949 - 25 Nodi

I find it to be a very robust boat, you can really feel it from the hull while you are sailing!

It's spacious despite being a Mini 6.50, it's fast, we surf at 15nodes of stable speed with 20-22nodes of wind, we peaked at 18nodes of top speed!!!

Very stable and easy to sail

Marco Anzolin - Skipper 1045 - Mazykeen

Marco Anzolin

Skipper 1045 - Mazykeen

I had the opportunity to meet Iris, a fantastic person, who followed me step by step on how to rig it, passing on her experience and giving me advice. The after-sales service was invaluable; even after delivery she followed me, helping me and giving me support! From this you can tell how much passion she put into this boat!