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WEVO 6.5

WEVO 6.5 is a Mini 6.50 that follows an innovative project concerning the distribution of volumes, the sail plan and the drift plan.
A product, which is all made in Italy but, with an international vision.
WEVO 6.5 anticipates the design trend of all Mini 6.50 in the Series category.
The PROJECT is realized by CIMA Boats in collaboration with Skyron, design studio and new Italian reference point for naval design.

WEVO 6.5

High Tecnology and Design


The Mini Transat is not just a race, it’s a great sporting and human project. Cima Boats, boarded on the WEVO 6.5, wants to cross the Ocean bringing the Made in Italy to the podium of the Mini Transat.


To push harder


Enter the Mini 6.50 circuit offering skippers a competitive, safe and innovative boat thanks to the evolution of
materials and design.

WEVO 6.5

The WEVO 6.5 is designed to be able to face the Atlantic in solitary. The regatta is internationally renowned with 80 participants between Serie and Proto, who will try to arrive in Martinique in the shortest possible time without the use of tools or means of communication to the outside world.

Boat Data
  • 6,50 m – Overall length

  • 6,05 m – Floating length

  • 3,00 m – Width Out of Everything

  • 1,60 m – Draft

  • 880 kg – Displacement

  • 420 kg – Ballast

Construction Materials
  • Hull – construction in vacuum infusion in 3D Core.

  • Deck – Vacuum infusion construction with Polycell perforated PVC.

Sail Surface
  • 23 mq – Main sail

  • 19 mq – Jib

  • 37 mq – Code 5

  • 76 mq – Assymetric Spinnaker

Get aboard of Wevo 6.5

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